WinPaw Adventure Writing System


Updates to the site and status follows, in reverse chronological order.

April 2, 2020
I am not done with the graphics section yet, but it is far enough along that I am going to continue to work on it one week a month. The rest of the time will be on the main part of WinPaw and any other problems that come up.
March 15, 2020.
I have been able to go to beta testing the beginning of 2020. It has been bothering me that I don't have Graphics & Character sets available, so I am taking March to try to get them to work. If they are mostly done, I will continue getting them to work. If not, I will get back to work on the rest of the program. Check the web site in April for the status.

I have reconsidered putting my PayPal info on the website. It will ONLY be available by email.
December 21, 2019
Testing is going slowly. It would probably go faster if I didn't improve sections as I go along. I AM getting it done, but NOT shortly. I am stopping testing for the holidays, and will get back to it next year. I am still hoping to have it done before April, but not promising it. I'll put out anothe update in March 2020.

September 21, 2019

Since there is a 6 month time before Users have to get a license, and no one has offered to be a Beta Tester yet, I have decided that ANYONE WHO FINDS A BUG (error) IN WinPaw 7.x WHICH HAS NOT BEEN FOUND BY ANYONE ELSE, WILL GET A FREE LICENSE, and if they have already paid, I will refund their money. I will, of course, let anyone who sends in bugs that I will let them know if it has been found before or not.. I will try to put out bug updates at least every month, if necessary. Use the Check For Update menu option

September 16, 2019

Due to a multitude of problems, I have not been able to do much testing this quarter. If I can get a lot of testing dome this quarter, I should be able to go to beta testing the beginning of 2020. Hopefully, It won't be too much later than that.

June 15, 2019

I have completed the upgrading phase and started the testing phase. I figure it will take a few months to test. I am sure I introduced some bugs, as I have found some already after just a week of testing. I am also finding that, since it has been around 5 years since I worked on the program, I have to figure out how I did some things.

I have had a question on payment for the program. Amazon is generally available worldwide, so I will accept an Amazon gift certificate as payment for the program.

I have said that if you decide to be a beta tester, your upgrade will be free. However, you MUST find the minor problem I will introduce before I send you the new program key, so I know you are actually testing.

March 19, 2019

When WinPaw V7.0 is released, it will become a paid program. I will be changing the license key for all users. Winpaw will then work for 180 days or the release of V7.1, whichever comes first. V7.1 will last for 60 more days, unless you have gotten a new license key. If you are on my list of persons who have had the program, a license will cost $5 USD, UNLESS you would be a beta tester for V7.0. Beta testers will get a free license. New Users will have to pay $10 USD. This is a one-time fee and your payment will entitle you to any further updates. Payment will only be through my account at PayPal. If you don't have PayPal available, get in touch with me to work out another method of payment. My PayPal information will be released through this website when I release V7,0.

March 16, 2019.

Good News and not so good news:

The Good news. I have finally gotten back to WinPaw.

The not so good news. As I have mentioned before, I had to go to a new compiler since the old one is no longer supported. I am about halfway through the files (all 45 of them) and I am finding so many things I have to update that it will take a month or 3 to just update the files. Then I have to test to be sure everything works. I am figuring another month or 3 to test. I will try to update the News in 3 months and I might be able to give a better idee on a projected completion date.

September 15, 2018

No changes at this time. A new project & new computer prevented me from working on WinPaw. I can only promise sometime in 2019.

March 15, 2018

No changes at this time. I can only promise sometime in 2018.

December 15, 2018

No changes at this time. I MAY be able to give you a better estimate in April 2018, we'll see.

October 21, 2017

I just found out that the program I use to make this system is due to be retired in April 2018. So I am going to do this system again from scratch.

This means I have to go all the way back to the manual and start from there.

However, I have around a dozen other systems which also have to be migrated to the later compiler. WinPaw is at the bottom of the totem pole.

SO, at this time I do not have any projected date for a new version. The current version will still be there until the new version is ready. I will give you an update April, 2018. It may be the same as this News.

September 15, 2017

A recent illness has moved the V7 update to spring or early summer 2018.

March 15, 2017

It has been a while since I updated the News. Unfortunately I do have a life and I cannot work on WinPaw unless I don't have any other projects. I had an important project the 4th quarter of 2016 & I now have another project which has to go thru a major rewrite. If nothing major comes up after the current project is complete I will get back to WinPaw sometime in late spring or early summer. When I get closer to the WinPaw release I will put out the need for Beta Testers. Have patience.

July 21, 2016

I got started updating the IDE and Engine and got another project which takes precedence. I may not get back to it for a month or 2. So the schedule for completion is now into the late 2nd quarter of 2017 and the need for Beta Testers announcement into the Spring Mailing List Probe. Don't worry, it is going slowly, but it is coming.

April 29, 2016

I am going to start updating the IDE & Engine shortly. Since it took me 4 month to do the Registration program, I am anticipating 6-9 to do the IDE & Engine, since they are much larger programs. I have to do both together, since the IDE actually runs the Engine. So this puts my schedule up to the 1st quarter of 2017. I will update this news every month or 2 and if that changes, you will see it here. I may need some beta testers and I will probably announce that at the fall Mailing List Probe. Unfortunately if you do not have at least a 32 bit system, V7 will not run.

March 26, 2016

I was checking out UnPaws & UnQuill, which are needed to convert the snapshots to something that WinPaw can read & create a WinPaws database. Vista and beyond need a 32-bit version. UnPaws had one from version 1.0 on. Unquill only has it in version 0.10.1, which is only on John Elliot's web site /

March 21, 2016
    2 things:
  • The registration program is ready.
  • I sent out the semi-annual probe to the WinPaw Mailing List yesterday. 16 persons came back that their address failed. If you didn't get a probe and you think you should have, send me an email at

March 18,2016

I am just about finished converting the registration program. It needs some testing, but it will soon be ready. I have not been able to accept registrations for WinPaw since the old version will no longer run under my version of Windows. I WILL NOW AGAIN ACCEPT REGISTRATIONS FOR WINPAW. I may not answer them quickly, but it will be soon.

February 18, 2016

I ran into another couple setbacks. A bottle of water got spilled on my laptop. Instant fried hard drive. So I lost a month to repairs & reinstalling everything. Also it was not as easy to go back to the original compiler so I could change the original programs. The projected date for registration program is now June 2016 & V7 hopefully early Winter 2016-2017.

December 20, 2015

I have found another big problem. Some things did not convert going to the new compiler. So now I have to go back to the original programs and change some things which will convert. So that probably sets my update of the registration program to March 2016 and V7 of the IDE & Engine to hopefully early Autumn 2016.

December 3, 2015

After some computer problems which took me months to work out, I finally had to update to Windows 10. So now I had to update the program which does registrations to the new compiler. I hope to have that done either this month or January 2016. I will then be updating the IDE & Engine to the new compiler. If I don't have too many problems, I will be ready to release V7 sometime Summer 2016.

October 9, 2014

OK. I have gotten the Brief reports completed, but have run into another problem. My compiler will not work on Vista and beyond. I have the new compiler, but when they upgraded the compiler, they changed the way it works. I have to rewrite about 20-30 percent of the code so it works. I may have to cut out the Graphics and Character modules so I can get everything else working. Conversion is slow because I have to convert other programs first so I know how to convert this one. At the moment I am looking at probably AT LEAST summer of 2015.

April 10, 2012

Most of you are probably wondering if there is EVER going to be another update. The answer is YES! I have been working on an update V7.0, for the last 3 years. The problem with it is that I have had to redo all the printed reports. I had to design my own Report Writer to do it. I am now working on several of the simpler reports. I will probably release 7.0 once I get the Brief reports and maybe 1 or 2 more. Look for it to be out in May 2012 if I do not get interrupted by a more important project.

December 11, 2006

This update has actually been here since August 24. It updates to 6.1. It is the IDE update only. I wanted to wait and see if there were any more problems, but there weren't. I just came across the fact that there was an update. It is documented in the Version History.

August 12, 2006

I am finally releasing Version 6.0. I had several other more pressing project come up and I wanted to be sure everything worked properly. A complete list of the changes can be found under Version History. The zip files for update or a complete install can be found under Downloads.

December 7, 2005.

I am releasing what will probably be the final IDE beta of version 6.0. The link can be found under the May 24th news. I am almost finished testing, but with the holidays coming up I will not be releasing the production version of 6.0 until the 1st quarter of 2006.

May 24, 2005.

I have had some complaints that the version of WinPaw on the WinPaw site does not work under certain conditions. I am sorry about that. I rushed too much to get that version out. Unfortunately, I cannot correct old versions. My Version Control System allows me to do that, but because of the amount of different source files it is too hard to keep track of which source file belongs to what version. I have made a lot of changes while working on version 6 and it has made it impossible to make corrections to version 5.0 or 5.1.

I therefore have decided that I will not release 6.0 until I am absolutely sure that all the major bugs are corrected. Any bugs that might possibly be there will not effect the operation of the IDE or Engine.

For those of you who are having problems, I will provide the latest beta of 6.0 at However, you must realize that it will be a beta version and may still have bugs. The latest beta is dated December 7, 2005. I am in the midst of a major change and will not have another beta available for around a month or more.

If you do have problems with 5.1 or beta 6.0, let me know by an email to If I cannot get a corrected beta out to the site, I will at least let you know that error has been or will be corrected.

March 2, 2005

I have made a few changes to these web pages in the last month. A Links page has been added which gives links to programs I use, my other sites, WebRings, other Interactive Design Systems pages, and some Spectrum pages. The wording has been modified on some of the pages and I have added a couple new Screen Shots.

November 2, 2004

I am getting a CD from Zenobi Software. He has informed me that the titles are mostly Quill and Paw games. This gives me almost 200 new titles to process for the Quill & PAW Snapshots page. Look for new titles there also in the next few months.

October 17, 2004

After 4 months of being retired, I have gotten most of my high priority projects out of the way. So I am free to start working on version 6.0 of WinPaw again. If things go well, I will have a V6 early first quarter of 2005. Some of the new features in Version 6 will be:

  • Saved field widths in the DataBase displays if you resize them.
  • Duplicate words. You will be able to 'Screw the screw' if you wish.
  • An AGAIN and OOPS command
  • Export and import for ACE.
  • Option in Packaging to include the ZIP for the Engine
  • Export And Import some Adventure Settings
  • Database Table Export and Import

    Some of the Users in the last six months have had a problem with importing from a UnQuilled or UnPawed game. There is a beta of V6.0 which corrects this problem (it has the first new feature as part of it). This version is at

    August 26, 2004

    Special Note: In the last few months I have had a lot of computer problems. Some of them required re-installing everything. This sometimes has resulted in the loss of Email. I have also changed one of my Email addresses during this period. I was getting swamped with spam. If anyone has sent me an Email asking for help with a problem or a registration code and has not received an answer, please send it to me again at the address on the Contact Me page.

    February 28, 2004

    WinPaw 5.1 is releasedThis is a version which fixes a very frustrating error. If you deleted the database which WinPaw is using, it will cause problems, some of which could only be fixed by going into the registry. It could not be fixed by re-installing, because that does not fix the registry. This release fixes that problem.

    It may have some other changes, because I had started working on version 6.0 before I had to quit working on WinPaw because of time constraints. After 8 months, I don't remember what I changed or added.

    I will be working on WinPaw more in the coming months. Some of the changes coming:

    • Saved field widths in the DataBase if you resize them.
    • Duplicate words. You will be able to 'Screw the screw' if you wish.
    • An AGAIN and OOPS command
    • Export and import for ACE.
    • Option in Packaging to include the ZIP for the Engine
    • Export And Import some Adventure Settings
    • Database Table Export and Import

    July 13,2003

    WinPaw V5.0 is released. This version is filled with cool new features. Some Examples:

    • All games must now be identified as a WinPaw game, a PAW game, or a Quill game. There is a section in Help called 'Adventure Types and Modes' which gives more information on the differences between the various types.
    • It is now possible to NOT use graphics(pictures) and character sets. Again, there is more info in Help in the same section.
    • A LOT of work has been done in the parser and Engine and the routines which display text. Many things that did not work or worked improperly have been corrected.
    • The engine screen has been changed from 2 vertical panels to 2 horizontal panels. The picture is in the top 2/3, the text in the bottom 1/3. Each part is centered horizontally on the screen.
    • Extended debugging has been added.
    • The word length for WinPaw type adventures is up to 30 characters. This allows you to use complete words in the vocabulary.

    A complete list of the changes is in the Version History.

    I want to give a BIG Thank You to Larry Horsfield of FSF Adventures. He did a lot of testing of Version 5.0 and made some suggestions which improved WinPaw. More of his suggestions will be in the next version (V6.0).

    June 13, 2003

    WinPaw is now on a new site. Here are some of the new features:

    • The files for the Quill and PAW snapshots, etc. will now be here.
    • I have a new Installing WinPaw page. This page will soon contain information on installing WinPaw and mention some of the problems you might run into.
    • I now have space to keep the utilities (UnPaws, UnQuill) and the Microsoft MDAC.

    I am also close to releasing WinPaw 5.0. It should be around the end of June 2003. Watch this page for details.


    I am rescinding the part about the numbering system in the last news. I am pretty sure that I can have one program that will be able to use character sets and graphics if you want them and not use them if you don't want them. It is the building of the character sets that causes the memory & CPU problems with 4.x. I have to rebuild the character set every time you change anything in it. I tried printing each character as I used it, but it was much slower than having them built beforehand.

    So now I am working on Version 5 of WinPaw. All the other features mentioned in the previous note apply. When you bring up an old database or create a new one, you will have to specify whether it is a WinPaw, PAW, or Quill game and whether it has graphics or not. Imports will be defaulted to whether that game uses Graphics or not. Just remember that if you want to save memory for imported games, you will have to specify Non-Graphics. YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO CHANGE BETWEEN PAW & QUILL GAMES!!!

    Since Version 5 will handle both Graphics & Non-Graphics games, there will no longer be a reason for having to have a Non-Graphics (3.x) and a Graphics (4.x) version of WinPaw. Versions 5 and above will be the only version.


    I am starting a new version numbering system. Numbers less than 10 will refer to the non-graphics version. Numbers over 10 will be for the graphics version.

    So I am starting to work on Version 15 of WinPaw. The main new feature of this version is that it will allow you to play Quill games without modifying them to be Paw games. I will have the Quill interpreter as part of the Engine. You will also be able to specify when you create a database whether this will be a Quill or PAW adventure. If an imported game or new database is Quill, you will only be able to specify Quill related information in the Editors. However, The Character Editor & Graphics Editor will be included as part of Quill games.

    Once that is done, I will update the non-graphics version to 5.0, which will have everything the graphics version has except character sets and graphics.


    The IF-Archive will now hold both 3.x and 4.x versions. The Downloads Page has been changed to reflect this change in location. Until I can get the new site up, only the 4.x version will be available at my site.


    WinPaw 4.1 is released to The website has also been redesigned.

    I am providing 2 versions of WinPaw, 3.x and 4.x. Version 3.x does not support the original PAW/Quill/Illustrator graphics and character sets, 4.x does. The reason I am providing 2 versions is that the 4.x IDE needs a good bit more memory and CPU speed than 3.x. There is not much difference between the 2 versions as far as the Engine is concerned.

    For now, 3.x will be at the IF-Archive and 4.x will be here. I am going to be moving the site in a couple months and then everything will be on the site. The site address will not change.


    I am updating all versions of the Engine & IDE to 3.2.

    7/10/02 9:07 PM

    WinPaw IDE 3.2 is released to this site. Only the IDE Update will be released. The changes don't affect the Engine. If you don't have WinPaw at all, get and install the 3.1 complete, then install the 3.2 update. Details of the changes are in Version History.

    04/18/2002 2:16PM

    I am hard at work on Version 4.0. I have already implemented PAW character sets. You will be able to load PAW snapshots using character sets and have them used in your games as well as creating your own character sets and saving and loading them. I also have the 22 character sets available which were distributed with the original PAW.

    I am working on PAW Graphics. I have already implemented the equivalents of the PAW Graphics commands ABS MOVE, PLOT, REL MOVE, LINE, TEXT, BLOCK, INK, PAPER, BRIGHT, INVERSE, OVER. I am working on SHADE & FILL. They take a good bit of code to implement, but are doable.

    Don't look for 4.0 for a month or two. I still have a good bit of work to have it completed. Besides completing the graphics, it still has to be modified to accept the UnQuill & UNPAW listings.

    04/5/2002 2:12PM

    Version 3.1 is released to the if-archive.

    03/07/2002 2:14PM

    Version 3.1 is released to mailing list and this site. This corrects several problems with creating databases and Loading UnPaw files.

    02/26/2002 1:08PM

    WinPaw version 3.0 is released. This version allows HTML-like tags in descriptions to change fonts, font size and ink color.

    I now have space on the WinPaw site for the Updates, so the primary source will be this site. Other copies will be available at the if-archive. See the Downloads page for the links.

    02/22/2002 3:21PM

    The WinPaw site has changed location again. It was necessary because by internet provider was bought out and the new owner changed the service. The new site gives me more space and I can keep the files on that site.

    Version 3.0 is just about ready to go. Info is in the Version History. I have to get the new site organized before I will formally release 3.0. It will be released early next week.

    I am also changing the Support Mailing address. It will now be

    01/15/2002 7:49AM

    Version 2.1 is released to the IF-archive. A listing of the changes can be found on the WinPaw Version History.

    01/09/2002 8:03AM

    The web site for WinPaw changed. There have been no changes to WinPaw since the last message in October. I am continuing to work on a WinPaw version of the Colossal Cave Adventure.

    I am considering adding something to the descriptions later using html-like tags to allow changing fonts & other font attributes and background colors.

    10/09/2001 2:28PM

    Version 2.0.0 is released to the IF-Archive. Some highlights in this version from 1.0.2 (last release to the IF-Archive)

    • Brief room descriptions.
    • Brief Listings.
    • Partial Vocabulary and Process listings
    • A Location Listing showing ALL exits.
    • I was going through some of my Spectrum stuff the other day and discovered 'The Professional Adventure Writing System - A Supplement for the Spectrum - Version A16'. It mainly concerns additions to provide a facility for multiple commands to be given to PSI's. I am upgrading the program to this version.
    • Added a Find Command to the Toolbar & Menu
    • Enhanced the types of Exports
    • Added Most Recently Used FileList.
    • Enhanced Debugging
    A complete listing of the changes can be found on the WinPaw Version History.
    10/01/2001 3:53PM

    I would usually release the updated maintenance version of WinPaw around now. However, I am about to release Version 2.0.0, which contains an update to PAW A16. However, I am not completely finished testing and adding the new stuff to the Help. I will release it as soon as all that is finished, sometime before October 12th, 2001.


    Version 1.0.2 is released to the IF-Archive. With this version, all planned features are completed. Future releases will be maintenance releases or additions of new features. The WinPaw Downloads Page contains a link to the Version History. See the descriptions of versions 1.0.0 thru 1.0.2 for what is in this release.

    I will post the latest version to the IF-Archive around the beginning of each month. Interim versions between those dates will be sent to Registered users and anyone else on the mailing list.

    For those of you who do not know, the IF-Archive has moved. It now is found at All the links on this and the Downloads page have been changed to reflect the new location.

    I will now be working on a WinPaw conversion of the original 350 point Fortran version of the Colossal Cave Adventure. Information on this will be posted periodically on this page.


    I had a problem with my mail program yesterday. I lost all E-Mail which was sent to me since the beginning of August. If you requested a Registration number during that time or had any other problems which I have not replied to yet, please resend them to


    Beta 3 is released. Included in beta 3:

    • Packaging of your adventure
    • Running of UnQuill and UnPaw
    • Contact Info added to Adventure Setup
    • Condition/Actions entered using the 'Add to Conditions/Actions' fields now show what parameters are needed for the Condition/Action. Example: for the Action COPYOF the parameters will be titled 'Object' & 'Flag'.
    • NOTCR, WORN, CARRIED, HERE allowed as locno+ in addition to the numbers 252 through 255 on the Process Table form.
    • A couple bug fixes. See the Version History in Help for a listing.
    With the release of Beta 3, updates for any previous release will also be available. For complete information, see the Downloads page.

    I have decided that there will be no Beta 4. With the next version of WinPaw, it will have all the original features that I planned. Consequently, the next version released will be the first final version and will have a version number starting with 1.0. Printing and a simple Print Preview will be in the final version as well as provision for descriptions for what each extra Process Table does.


    Beta 2 and Beta 2 Patch 1 are released. I discovered after uploading Beta 2 to the if-archive that there was a bug which caused a "Path not found" error. So after correcting and re-testing, Beta 2 is OK as of now. Direct links will be on the Downloads page.

      Changes in beta 2
    • TimeOut is now implemented. The TIME action will set the values and TIMEOUT checks for it.
    • You can now take the output file which was created with the TURN SCRIP ON command and use it as an input. Use LOAD SCRIP to open the file. This will activate a Next button on the Toolbar. Clicking on that button will execute the commands that you did in the SCRIPT file one at a time.
    • Debugging is now implemented. See the Engine Help (under Using the Engine) for how to use it.
    • The LOAD, SAVE, RAMLOAD & RAMSAVE actions are implemented.
    • There are several new interfaces on the forms which create & edit the entries in the tables.

    Bug Fixes. I did not keep track of my bug fixes this time, but I will in the future. Suffice it to say that bugs were found in some of the Import routines and other areas. All the bugs I found or which were reported to me were fixed.

    06/04/2001 7:52AM

    The WinPaw Engine, IDE and any patches, updates, or downloads related to WinPaw can now be found on the WinQuill directory at the If-Archive ( Direct links will be on the Downloads page.

    05/31/2001 10:25AM

    Beta 1 just went to the if-archive. It may be found at the directory for now. Links to the actual files and a couple additional Microsoft packages which are needed can be found on the Downloads page. The help is not completely finished. Help is not available on most of the actual screens which create the records needed for the database. I will try to put out a release of just the Help files within about a week which will have that information.

    05/25/2001 3:15PM

    I am just about ready to release Beta 1. It should be going to the if-archive sometime next week. I am not sure if the Help will be completely finished, but if not, I am releasing it anyway. Announcements will be going out on the Sinclair (comp.sys.sinclair) and int-fiction ( and newsgroups when I have the files on the if-archive.

    I will have complete information on downloads on the download page. Like WinQuill, at least one install of a Microsoft download is necessary. Two downloads if you want to use Help.

    WinPaw is being released as freeware, but registration will be required if you want the program to work for more than 30 days. There is no charge for registration, I just want to know who is using it. Registration will not get you any junk mail, but will place you on the WinPaw mailing list if you are not on it already.

    Download and test the betas to your heart's content. I KNOW there are bugs I haven't found. ANY problems, contact me at

    05/07/2001 4:06PM

    I didn't think that doing the help files would take so long. I did have about half of it written from the original manuals, but it is taking longer to modify them than I thought. Plus I have to completely rewrite some areas.

    The end result of this is that it might be another week or 2 before I am able to release Beta 1. I will be able to give a better update next week.

    04/20/2001 2:27PM

    I am finished with the testing for now. There still are a couple minor problems I need to fix. They will be fixed before I release Beta 1.

    The only major thing left to do is the Help file. I have started working on that already and hopefully it will be completed by the end of the month.

    One other thing I forgot to mention which will NOT be included in Beta 1 is Timeout.

      Here are my current plans for planned feature releases in the betas. Bug fixes, of course, will also be included.
    • Beta 2
      • Timeout
      • Input SCRIPTing
      • Debugging
      • LOAD
      • SAVE
      • RAMLOAD
      • RAMSAVE
    • Beta 3
      • Running UnPaw & UnQuill
      • Packaging your adventure
    • Beta 4
      • Printing

    I have updated the screen shots of the IDE and Engine.

    04/11/2001 1:36PM

    Sorry for the delay in an update, but I have been busier than usual lately. I have done some testing, but not enough to release the beta. I will need a couple weeks yet for testing.

    Even after I finish testing, I need to create a Help file. A lot of the Help has been done for me by someone else, but it needs modified a good bit for WinPaw. I can release it without Help, but would prefer not to. If enough of you are champing at the bit to test the beta and want to try it without Help, I will release it after testing. I predict it will take an extra week to get the Help straightened out.

      Here are some features which will NOT be included in beta 1.
    • Printing
    • Packaging of the Adventure
    • Debugging in the Engine
    • Running UnPaw on .SNA or .Z80 files. This option will only work if you have the UnPaw executable anyway. I do not intend to distribute UnPaw with WinPaw. I just am not satisfied with the version available of UnPaw. It doesn't work on some PAWed games and doesn't work at all on 128K versions of PAWed games. If someone ever updates the UnPaw source (it is distributed with the executable, which is on the If-Archive at so it works on ALL PAWed games, I will consider distributing it.
    • Scripting will work on output, but you will not be able to load it and execute it.

    03/25/2001 11:49AM

    The IDE & Engine is written enough to test them, but I have not gotten down to a good testing yet. I want to get the imports finished and then get down to REAL testing. If everything goes as planned, I will have a beta available sometime the 1st half of April 2001.

    I have gotten PAW .SNA & .Z80 files from quite a few people, so the importing of UnPawed games will be included in Beta 1 of the IDE. Thanks to all of you who provided me with files.

    One person wanted to be included on my Mailing List. I didn't have one then, but now I do. If you want to be included on the WinPaw mailing list, send the request to (

    03/16/2001 10:44AM

    The IDE is mostly done. I have to do some touching up on some of it. The first beta will not have everything working, but will have enough so that you can create and play games.

      Here are some things that are included in the IDE or will be included in the future
    • Sound voices for the BEEP Action.
    • Pictures using .GIF, .JPG, .BMP or anything supported by the Visual Basic Image control.
    • Loading of .SCE files from Graeme Yeandle’s text version of the PAW.
    • Loading of UnPAW files (if I can find a .SNA or .Z80 file I can get it to work on). If anyone knows of a .SNA or .Z80 file of an Adventure written with the PAW, let me know by email (
    • Packaging of your Adventure into a .ZIP file, with or without the Engine.
    • A SCRIPT command which will put out your input and output to a text file and read it back in, executing each command in the original file one at a time as you request it.
    • A listing of the Flags and what they do. Any User flags can have their own description added.

    Here is a preliminary screen shot of the IDE.

    I am working on the Engine. It is maybe a third done.

      Things to be included in the Engine.
    • Debugging when called from the IDE.
        This includes:
      • Looking at a flag value
      • Changing a flag value
      • Looking at Current Object Locations.
      • Changing an object location
    • This is where you can load the SCRIPT file and execute it a line at a time.

    Here is a preliminary screen shot of the Engine.

    03/07/2001 2:37PM

    The mail link now works. I expect to have the IDE done within a week. Then I will continue with the Engine.

    This page is still VERY undeveloped. Once I get close to a beta, I will have a bit more time to develop the pages.

    I still hope to have a beta by the end of the month. Keep tuned.

    02/27/2001 3:29PM

    This is the Home Page for the Windows Version of the Professional Adventure Writer (PAW). PAW is an adventure writing system that was released to the Sinclair Spectrum, Commodore 64, and several other computer systems in the 1970's.

    At the present time, it is still in the initial writing stage. A beta version will probably be available by the end of March 2001.

    Watch this page for weekly updates.

    The WinPAW will include most of the features of the original PAW except for graphics drawing. Instead, graphics support will be supplied by use of the normal picture types available in Windows (JPG, GIF, BMP, etc). Email me at for more information. (As of today, this link does not work. It should within a few days. I just registered it.) I answer all emails normally within 2 working days.