Additional Emacs Language Sensitive Editor (ELSE) templates

Peter Milliken has created a minor mode for Emacs called the Emacs Language Sensitive Editor (ELSE). For more information on ELSE, see the Emacs Else home page at

ELSE uses template files containing language elements. I have template files in addition to the ones Peter has on the web site.

Note: Version 1.19 of ELSE introduced a new option (/FOLLOW,/NOFOLLOW, and else-follow-menus) for placeholders. It effects how menus are expanded. See section of the manual for more details. Since the default for this option is FOLLOW, some of the below template files may expand to large menus. The files will be converted to use these qualifiers as I can get to them. A notation will be made in the tables as to whether they are 1.19 compliant or not.

I have files from sources.

  1. Converted DEC Lse files.
  2. Files I created.
  3. ELSE related files I found

This document also has the following areas:

Converted DEC LSE files

When you read the ELSE manual, you will find that ELSE is derived from the Language Sensitive Editor (LSE) used on the OpenVMS system. These templates are the ones used in LSE and have been converted to ELSE syntax.

The one thing to remember about these templates is that they are based upon the language as it is used on the OpenVMS system. A lot of computer systems do I/O differently. Therefore, the i/o statements MIGHT not be the same as yours. The Basic used in OpenVMS, in particular, is very changed from standard Basic. It has some constructs similar to C.

All these template files are very useable. Most, if not all, of the constructs are included.

These template files use features found in ELSE 1.18 and greater.
File Name Version Comments 1.19 Comp.
basic.lse 3.7 OpenVMS Basic is an extended Basic. It has some constructs which are not in other Basics. N
bliss.lse 4.6 No extra comments N
bourne_shell.lse 0.1 These templates were made by a User of LSE. I have not used it too much, so do not know how comprehensive they are. N
c_shell.lse 0.1 These templates were made by a User of LSE. I have not used it at all, so do not know how comprehensive they are. N
cobol.lse 2.2.622 No further comments. N
DCL.lse OpenVMS 6.1 No further comments N
f90.lse 7.0 A comprehensive implementation of Fortran 90. N
fortran.lse 6.2A No further comments N
pascal.lse 4.0-1 No further comments N
perl.lse 5.002 I have modified this slightly from the original to correctly give parameters for some of the functions that did not have them. N

Files I creasted

These are templates I created for different languages. Most of them are currently incomplete, only using the constructs I have commonly used. Notes at the beginning of each file give the status of what is in it and how complete it is.

As I mentioned below, some things in the below are not supported. In particular, html.lse I included all the tags in the menus, but did not write placeholders for them or include all the options. If you want to do your own additions in a -cust.lse, look up what I called a particular tag and use that name in a placeholder. If you want to send me any -cust.lse files, I will add them to the parent and give you credit in the file.

These template files use features found in ELSE 1.18 and greater.
File Name Version Comment 1.19 Comp
AGT.lse 1.5 This was created when I was developing AGT adventures. It is pretty comprehensive. N
dos.lse 1.1 Not too useable. Only supports for, if, and a label. N
HTML.lse 1.2 A lot of stuff is shown in the command menus, but it is not all supported. Most of the commonly used tags are supported, but not all their options. N
Visual-Basic.lse 1.1 This is a very complete version. It is for VB 6. Almost all of the functions and statements are included. Y
WPBatch.lse 1.0 This is a VERY specialized lse I wrote to go along with my Windows version of the Professional Adventure Writing system. It is used to create these adventures in a batch mode. it is very complete. Y

NOTE: At a later time, the above templates will be expanded. Watch for changed version numbers.

ELSE related files I found

Stephen Leake has created a template-mode for use with ELSE .lse files. That is a link to my copy. I have made a change to it.

  1. I have changed the name of the mode to agree with the current naming convention for the Template language.
If you want to get the original, you might be out of luck. The email I had for him is no longer good and I cannot find a reference to him using Google.

The Template Mode file is in the file with all his EMacs extensions.

All of my template files

If you want to get ALL of my template files, I have ZIPped them all together. You can get them at

Templates in progress

The following are currently planned to be done in the future.

Some other sites of mine

Other Useful links

This area under development.

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