WinPAW Adventure Writing System

Welcome to the official homepage of Douglas Harter's WinPAW system.

PAW is an adventure writing system that was released to the Sinclair Spectrum, Commodore 64, and several other computer systems in the 1980's that allows you to create character based adventure games. The Windows version provides a beautiful Interactive Development Environment as well as graphical capabilities. And best of all, it's free!

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  • News contains updates that correspond to the site itself. (Last news April 2, 2020). I will try to get updates to the News file more often.
  • Requirements gives space, speed, and memory requirements.
  • Screen Shots contain a couple pictures from the system.
  • Download contains links to the various places you can download WinPAW
  • Installing WinPaw contains information on installing WinPaw and some of the problems you might run into.
  • Quill & PAW Snapshots is a list of snapshots, solutions, & UnPawed outputs I have found.
  • Version History gives a history of the software, even future releases.
  • PAW History gives a complete history of the Quill, add-ons to the Quill, PAW, and the non-Spectrum programs which were derived from the Quill and PAW.
  • Links gives links to other sites of mine and ones I use
If you need to contact me for any reason, bug fixes, general questions, etc... please click on Contact Me. Remember that I am not on my computer all the time so I may take several days to get back in touch with you.
Features of WinPaw
  • Almost complete Compatibility with the original PAW & Quill/Illustrator.
  • Imports from UnQuill and UnPaws output files.
  • Imports from PCPAW sources. (A DOS version of PAW by one of the original authors)
  • Scripting to a file of game input and output and replaying of a game from the output script.
  • Game playing available from the Interactive Development Editor (IDE), which is used to manipulate the information needed to play the game. Games may also be played using the Engine by itself.
  • Packaging of your game available from the IDE. (The Engine is not included in this package.)
  • Print and Print Preview of all or individual game databases. Some special listing are also available.
  • UnQuill and UnPAWS can be run from the IDE and the outputs viewed, if you wish. Old and New Quill snapshots are supported.
  • Exports can be done to a file in UnPaws or PCPaw format. You can also export to a file in WinPaw format for import back into WinPaw.
  • Graphics can be imported from UnQuill or UnPaws files into individual locations.
  • A table may be searched for individual words in specific fields.
  • Help in HTML Help format includes all the information in the original PAW Technical Manual and Introduction Plus the Quill Tutorial and Illustrator Manual (modified as used in WinPaw).

Have fun!